CryptoKicks – Nike’s new cryptocurrency trademark

CryptoKicks might be my new favourite word! Nike has recently filed a document with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This is super, super interesting. I’ve often guessed that Nike would be the first corporation to really take on blockchain technology. It’ll enhance it’s brand like nothing else.

Nike has some of the most loyal customers in the world! SneakerHeads will often purchase multiple sets of the same shoe. One for themselves and one as a collector item. Blockchain technology could be very exciting for SneakerHeads.

Although the application from Nike mainly focuses on a trademark application for “CRYPTOKICKS”, the real interesting revelations come in the supplementary information. (Source)

“Cryptocurrency software wallets; cryptocurrency hardware wallets; downloadable computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet; downloadable computer software for managing cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology…”

These are all named in the application from Nike.

“Downloadable mobile applications for providing access to crypto-collectibles, crypto-art and application tokens; downloadable software for use in electronically trading, storing, sending, receiving, accepting and transmitting digital currency, and managing digital currency payment and exchange transactions…”


What might Nike’s CryptoKicks be?

I imagine they’ll be creating cryptocollectibles that tie in nicely with the Nike.com apps… I’m not sure if I see CryptoKicks being an actual cryptocurrency… that is traded on exchanges and mined… but maybe. The company has always been known as an amazing example of innovation. It’s incredible agile for it’s size.

While JP Morgan are apparently trying to build their own cryptocurrency, and Facebook hiring blockchain developers, the Nike trademark is a lot more interesting. JP Morgan and Facebook are trying to create their own currency that people would use as a currency. I’d almost guess that’s not at all what Nike would have in mind. My guess that it would be more like an amazing rewards system for purchases and interactions, etc.